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Hydroboost pads

Looking for that little extra something to create the perfect experience for your clients? Say hello to our NEW Hydroboost eyepatches!

With added Aloe Vera and Vitamin C extract, our new Hydroboost eyepatches have both soothing and hydrating properties, for that extra touch of luxury!

How to use: 

  1. Open the packet and remove the plastic film, before placing the patches gently over the client's bottom lashes.
  2. Ensure that no contact is made with the eyes or the waterline.
  3. Adjust the patch so that it is comfortable for the client.

Product Details:

  • Thin and flexible for enhanced comfort of the client
  • Covers a large area of the undereye for extra hydration
  • Width is comfortable for detailed mapping
  • Once opened, use immediately
  • Single use only
  • One sachet contains 2 patches (one pair)

Ingredients: Hydrogel, Glycerol, Aloe extract, Vitamin C